Build of Kings


Quad-Orb Healer


Healing, Mobility



Notes: This build is meant to serve as a basic introduction to healing as Nihilist. Not every spell mentioned in the build will be covered in detailed writing. You can read about what each spell does by clicking on them above. Infuse: This is your standard healing spell, actively placed orbs will empower Infuse dependent upon which orbs are alive. Shadow Affinity: Another healing spell that heals more than Infuse, but has a cast time. Leaving you susceptible to interrupts. Shadow Affinity also grants your target 8% Lifesteal. This Lifesteal is highly valuable for high damage allies such as Assassin. Orb of Absolution: A pulsing cleanse orb which heals whenever it cleanses. Orb of Replenishment: A fairly straightforward pulsing heal orb. Orb of Wisdom: A fairly straightforward pulsing mana/resource orb. Orb of Smoke: An orb which decreases damage taken, and increases outgoing damage alongside some minor lifesteal. Blink: Teleport to your cursors location, dealing some damage. If an enemy target needs that small bit of extra damage to be defeated, you can auto attack them and blink on them at the same time that the auto lands. Providing a burst, albeit small, amount of damage that may result in a killing blow. Spell Breaker: A standard 5-second shield spell. Use this on a target who has 50-70% health that you are expecting to receive incoming burst damage. Note the 20-second cooldown timer on this spell. Important Tips: Heal and Damage over-time effects can not crit. However, Orb of Replenishment can. This is because Orb of Replenishment is a pulsating healing spell, and not a heal over time. Positioning is important on Nihilist and it can be difficult to recover from heavy pressure. Do your best to avoid being the target of incoming burst or openers. Blinking while an enemy (Champion's charge or Elder's Bear Rush) is charging to you carries them with you to your new location. Either attempt to bait their mobility first, or use it to your advantage by baiting them back into your team. Orbs do not require Line of Sight, try to position them out of range of the enemy.