Build of Kings


Repcal Standard Hpal


Versatile build that can see success in any comp at any level of play.



Stream of Light/Divine Light: Stream of Light & Divine Light is your main healing output. Divine Light applies the passive "Grace" which will buff the healing of your next stream of light or Divine Light. If the situation permits, ensure you can put grace on the target before using stream. Seal of the Heavens: Ensure this is active at all times, in the late game do not be afraid to re-active this 30 seconds early as you may not have the spare global cool down during late sudden death damage. Prudence: Ensure this is being used on the current kill target on cooldown, This is your primary mana regeneration. Holy Nova: A very nice AoE heal I am finding a lot of success with in a lich heavy meta. You should aim to use this on cooldown as it also regenerates mana based on the amount of friendlies hit. With that said look to push in for triple nova's when you see the opportunity, however also be cognitive of your positioning in regards to the enemy team & what CC they may have. There is no sense pushing in for a mana regen holy nova if you will be punished for it, and end up spending more mana getting yourself out of a avoidable situation, or potentially lose the match. This ability also does a good amount of damage, and can be used during a setup where you're confident your extra damage will secure the kill. Holy Nova also applies grace, and can be followed up by a empowered Stream of Light or Divine Light. Rite of Passage: This ability is very versatile. Defensively it can be used to create distance from enemy melee targeting you or your partners, disrupt frost mage's damage setup, or as a HoT that has very good mana value. This HoT can be used proactively right before CC to potentially prevent having to trinket/a partner use a defensive. Offensively it can be used to allow friendly melee to connect to their target, and can also be used proactively to prevent a friendly from being rooted/slowed while securing a major defensive cooldown/kill. Purify: In Arena of Kings all CC is able to be dispelled, even physical stuns. You should be looking to use this ability to keep your teammates out of CC and in the fight. A fast reaction time is key, as purify only removes the most recent status aliment. If you find you cannot react fast enough to see value with this ability, I suggest swapping it with Heaven's Strike. Immortality: This is your biggest defensive cooldown. Use this in situations where your partners otherwise would have died. It can also be used proactively in a situation where you know your partner would have had to use a defensive themselves or you would have had to trinket to save them, good read's can end up saving mana and saving your trinket. This spell can also be used offensively to prevent your dps from being CC'd by the enemy team, this can win game's if that CC would have lost you the kill window.